Teeth Bleaching

Keep Your Smile Bright and Healthy

Teeth Bleaching

Teeth bleaching or whitening is the process to lighten the colour of your teeth and remove stains. Certain foods such as black tea, and black coffee affect the whitening of your teeth. Smoking and tobacco chewing also create stains in your teeth. So, take our teeth whitening services and get a white bright smile. You can also boost overall dental health with teeth bleaching procedures.

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Frequently Ask Question

We use only the best quality materials on the market in order to provide the best products to our patients.

Yes, teeth whitening is safe as it is a cosmetic procedure that lightens the shade of your teeth. You may feel teeth sensitivity. Therefore, it is good to follow dentist-approved methods to avoid any risk.

Zoom WhiteSpeed treatment is usually a 45-minute process to brighten your teeth at your dentist’s office using advanced laser technology.

There is no permanent damage to tooth enamel if you take teeth bleaching services. However, you may feel side effects sometimes. It is quite normal if you are feeling teeth sensitivity after the process.

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