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GUM Treatment in Noida


Gum diseases may be simple inflammation or serious ones causing major damage to the soft tissues and bones that support the teeth. These diseases are caused by bacteria that reside in the mouth. Acids readily form in our teeth a few minutes after eating. A mixture of bacteria, mucus and other particles forms the plaque that covers the teeth surface. Plaque can be removed by simple brushing and flossing but there are areas that cannot be easily reached. When plaque hardens into tartar, a yellow or brown mineral buildup, it can irritate the gum tissues thus causing cavities and gum diseases.

TOOTH DECAY Treatment in Noida

Preventing infant tooth decay

Here are some practices that can reduce an infant’s risk of tooth decay before his first dental visit: A Clean the infant’s teeth twice a day with cotton balls dipped in clear water. Do not permit your child to use his bottle, containing milk, juice or any flavored or sweetened drink, as a daytime or nighttime pacifier; use of plain water is the better choice. Teach your child to drink from a cup and wean the child from using the bottle containing juice or sweetened drink during daytime. Refrain from a giving the infant a pacifier dipped in jelly or sugar.

TOOTHACHES Treatment in Noida


Toothaches may catch us at inopportune times. This pain may be caused by a medical condition, poor mouth and dental hygiene or a fractured/damaged tooth. It is possible for us to experience this pain and, it is useful to be aware of some toothache remedies. Â Cleaning your teeth and gums properly is the best way to prevent toothache pains. Home remedies for toothaches will help stop or lessen the pain until you are able to visit your dentist. Dentists recommend brushing the teeth with small circular motions, gently brushing the gums. Doing this twice a day will prevent toothaches, and can relieve milder toothaches.


Care with Diabetics

Care with Diabetics People with diabetes need special care in most of their daily functions. One area that can cause them a lot of problem would be improper dental care. Brushing, using a soft bristles, twice a day is recommended. It is advisable to see the dentist every 6 months for dental and periodontal exams, and to be able to present your concerns. Diabetics get gum disease more often and blood sugar is harder to control if you have infections. Once infection sets in, the healing process will take a long time, at times leading to tooth loss and the use of dentures.

HEALTHY TEETH Treatment in Noida

Nutritious Food for Healthy Teeth

Nutritious Food for Healthy Teeth Eat nutritious foods. What your child eats, and how often they eat, has a dramatic impact on their oral and overall health. Consuming foods high in sugar or starch feed the bacteria that cause tooth decay. Promote healthy eating habits in childhood and teen years to promote optimal health, growth and intellectual development into adulthood.