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Testimonial 1

“I am always impressed with the services provide by Dental Cure and Care Centre. DR. Santosh Mishra is always nice and professional, and seems to truly think about my comfort.”

Aashna Kapoor

Testimonial 2

“I'm thankful to Dr. Santosh Mishra and his team for expert dental consideration. After selecting this clinic for crown and bridge treatment, I feel propelled to write a testimonial to tell you how incredible my experience was. Keep up the extraordinary work!”

Chandan Mehta

Testimonial 3

“I went to Dr. Santosh Mishra for teeth bleaching. Everyone was so friendly there in clinic... I will without a doubt be returning here frequently for my dental check-ups.”

Nitin Bedi
(South Delhi)

Testimonial 4

“Throughout the years my dentist has helped me overcome my fear of pain. I was going through root canal treatment. He is extremely patient and elaborated things so I can comprehend them. Thank you for such a great treatment.”

Aradhya Singh

Dental Cure & Care Centre

Dental Cure & Care Centre is a premium dental care facility in heart of Noida. Located on the out skirts in sector 50, it caters to dental treatment needs of patients from neighboring and far off locations in Delhi/NCR..

Our Services

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Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal Treatment falls under Endodontics a specialty area of Dentistry. Sometimes, due to internal cracking and infection within or below the tooth, the tooth is infected.

Best Dentist in Noida

Dental Fillings

A Tooth Colored Filling is used to repair a tooth that is affected by decay,cracks,fractures, etc.The decayed or affected portion of the tooth will be removed and then filled with a Tooth Colored Filling.

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Crown & Bridge

Crown and Bridge treatment will restore lost teeth & support remaining teeth .If you're faced with tooth loss, Crown and Bridge treatment may be the right restorative option for you.